1. Player participation shall be 12 players on and 12 players off unless there is a shortage of players (25 players)
2. The coach of the team that has to have a player playing two ways must explain this to the opposition coach. That opposition coach has the opportunity to play a player both ways as well. A coach must tell the opposition coach the number of the player playing two ways.
3. Players can play one side of the ball in one half of the game and may change to the other side of the ball in the other half.
4. 12yr old players can play both ways as long as they are not overweight.
5. Teams with 19 or fewer players may play a scheduled game. However, that team will forfeit the game for the purposes of the standings. The game will proceed as a controlled scrimmage.

1. Ages are 10 – 12 as of Dec. 31 of the current year. Exceptions to this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis and voted on by the MJMFL board. Possible examples include a 9yr old player who wants to play pee wee instead of atom or a 13yr old player who wants to play pee wee instead of bantam.
2. If an overage player is allowed to play, he must be under the weight of 100 lbs and cannot be in a position to carry the ball (i.e. running back, fullback, quarterback, tight end, slot back, wide receiver).
3. Over age players will be marked with a bright yellow dot on back of helmet.

1. MJMFL does not support or condone the loss of weight to play any sport.
2. The weight to play all positions is 135lbs and under.
3. Players over 135lbs. are limited to offensive tackle, guard or centre positions. These players may not pull (i.e. Instead of blocking the player in front of him, the player pulls back off the line of scrimmage and runs out to block a defender.)
4. Overweight players must wear #50 – #69. There are no exceptions.
5. Any 12yr old player over 135 lbs and of sufficient skill may be asked to moved up to bantam. This is up to the discretion of the board, however, players are not required to move up to bantam.
6. Younger overweight players regardless of weight may play offensive line (centre, guard and tackle).
7. Overweight players may play on the front line only on kick return. They cannot play behind the first line.
8. Players between 135-145lbs can play D-Line interior only (A-B gap).
9. Any player found in violation of either rule (overage or overweight playing an illegal position) will be ejected from the game and suspended for the next game. The head coach will also be removed from game and suspended for one game.

1. The ball will be positioned on the 5yrd line in the centre of the field.
• 2 points will be awarded if a team kicks the ball through the uprights.
• 1 point will be awarded if a team runs or passes the extra point across the goal line.

1. There is no fake punting.
2. There will be no wind rule regardless.
3. D can only send up to Front 5.
4. No Hitting Center.
5. Punting 2 guys can come on.
6. Extra Point 3 guys can come on.
7. Teams do not have to announce they are punting. If the offence announces they are punting, the defence will only rush a maximum of 5 players set up the return. If offense declares they are punting officials will stop the clock to ensure that both teams are set up.

1. Line up 10 yards away. If it hits, one it’s live. It has to go 15 yards otherwise it is blown dead.
2. In last two minutes of second and fourth quarter, it reverts to amateur rules where you can have normal 10yrd rule for onside kicks.

1. Football to be used for pee wee shall be the TDJ, preferably composite.