Bantam Football Ball: TDY
home team will make sure proper ball is used on game day

Bantam Playoffs: All teams make the playoffs, with the teams finishing 4th and 5th playing off against each other on a short week to face the #1 seed


  1. Ages are 13 -15 as of Dec. 31 of the current year. Exceptions to this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis and voted on by the MJMFL board.
  2. 15 Year Olds:
    a) Max five fifteen year olds on the field at one time
    b) 135lbs and Under- Can run the ball and play anywhere on the field on offense and defense
    c) 150lbs and Under- Can play anywhere on defense
    d) 150lbs and Over- Can only play O-line or D-line

**We decided that we will not put stickers on the players helmets and that it is on the coaches to follow the rules. We will send out a roster that has the players number, age, and weight on them for all teams to have. Teams caught purposely breaking the rule will result in the Head coach and player being suspended.**



  1. MJMFL does not support or condone the loss of weight to play any sport.
  2. The weight to play all positions is 180lbs.
  3. Players over 180lbsThey can’t be in a touch ball position.
  4. Overweight players must wear #50 – #69. There are no exceptions. 
  5. Any player found in violation of either rule (overage or overweight playing an illegal position) will be ejected from the game and suspended for the next game. The head coach will also be removed from game and suspended for one game. 
  6. Over age and overweight player may play on kick off and kick return but only the front line.



  1. In the regular season, every player must see the field to play.
    No 2 way players
    **If a team has a small roster due to numbers or injuries and a player has to play both ways then the coach from that team must inform the other team’s coach of the situation and the player that will be playing both ways. The other team is allowed to play a player both ways to make it fair if the coach feels it’s necessary. Teams caught purposely breaking the rule will result in the Head coach and player being suspended.**
  2. Playoffs- 12 on 12 off, starters can play the entire game. No 2 way players (pending)

    **We will leave the option open for discussion on 2 way players if a team has a smaller roster then other teams come playoffs. If teams have good sized rosters then 12 on 12 off is what we want to see. After registration is complete and playoffs get closer we will see where we are at with rosters and will have a discussion among all the coaches and finalize the decision before playoffs begin.**

    NOTE: Special teams are considered a different unit and teams are allowed to bring on players from defense or offense and this is not considered playing players 2 ways. Teams can switch out as many players as they need on these units while still maintaining the max five fifteen year olds on the field.